Three Important Questions To Ask A Panel Beater

A panel beater at a place like Northside Smash Repairs offers a number of essential services to motor vehicle owners, but there are a number of individuals and companies that offer similar services. This makes it a bit tricky for a vehicle owner whose vehicle is wrecked to choose one out of the several professionals available. Below are three questions that will help such vehicle owners to separate the wheat from the chaff when looking to hire the services of a panel beater.

Is A Courtesy Car Part of the Service Package?

Panel beating is a labour intensive exercise that often may take several days depending on the extent of damage to the vehicle's body. During this time, the vehicle owner is forced to look for an alternative way to get around. Professional panel beaters understand this and a large number of them offer their clients courtesy cars for the duration during which their automobiles will be at the workshop. Under normal circumstances, this should be done at no extra cost to the client. The motor vehicle owners should only have to pay for the vehicle's fuel consumption.

Providing a courtesy car is the panel beater's way of expressing their concern for the client's welfare. It is also the panel beater's way of showing that vehicle owners can trust them with the damaged automobile, just as he or she has trusted them with the courtesy car.

Does The Panel Beater Specialize In A Particular Vehicle Model?

It is also important to ask whether a panel beater has an area of specialization when it comes to automobile models. Being that the panel beating process is more or less the same for all vehicle models, this question is meant to gauge how experienced the professional in question is. For a panel beater to specialize in a particular vehicle model, he or she has to have had vast experience with various vehicle models.  

For example, some panel beaters don't work on certain vehicle models, especially those whose spare parts are difficult to get. It is important to confirm this before getting into an agreement with any professional panel beater.

What About Insurance?

Motor vehicle owners who would like to make insurance claims for panel-beating related expenses should never forget to confirm whether their chosen panel beater works with their specific auto insurance service provider. This will help to ensure that claims are processed in good time and without major problems. Also, some panel beating specialists do not accept payments from third party insurance service providers, thus making the above question all the more important.

Do not hesitate to ask the three questions discussed above next time when in need of panel beating services.  

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