The Unexpected Things That Can Damage Your Car's Paint

Despite the fact that it doesn't have any impact on the actual performance of your car, scratched or chipped paintwork can feel like a disaster. It's not something you can fix immediately, and it can ruin the look of your vehicle, which is especially painful if you're someone who likes to take pride in their car.

Luckily, paintwork damage can often be avoided, with the exception of things that are totally out of your control, like vandals with knives or keys. The trick is to be aware of things that could cause damage, which helps you to make sure they don't happen to you. Here are some of the lesser-known ways your car's paint could be damaged:


If birds poop on your car, it's not very pleasant. But that's not where the problem ends.

Bird droppings actually contain corrosive substances that can cause some serious damage if they're left on the paint for too long. If you notice any bird muck on your car, clean it off as soon as you can and hope for the best.

You can also minimise the risk of birds using your car as a toilet. Try to avoid parking underneath trees, building ledges, or anywhere else that might make a handy roost.


The second animal on the list, though thankfully one that causes damage less often than birds. For some reason, cats really like sitting on top of cars when they get the chance. Unfortunately, their sharp claws can cause scratches that you might not notice if they're on the roof, but you certainly will if they're anywhere else.

Since cats are mostly found in residential areas, keeping your car in the garage when you're at home is the best way to stop this. If that's not possible and this is a recurring problem, investing in a heavy-duty car cover should do it.

Varying temperatures

Metal expands and contracts as it changes temperature, which can wreak havoc on paintwork. This shouldn't be a problem in normal changing weather conditions, but watch out if you park your car somewhere particularly hot or cold at any part of the day.

Debris from construction

Building dust is quite fine, so it might look harmless – if rather annoying. However, it can be much more abrasive than you'd expect, so avoid parking near to any ongoing work if you can help it.


Regularly washing your car keeps it clean, sparkling and beautiful. Just be careful not to do it with any products not intended for use on car paint, as there are plenty of substances that can cause damage. Make sure you use a clean cloth, too, as small particles of dirt can scratch. 

Contact an auto spray painting company for more information and assistance. 

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