To Replace or Repair? Why Your Damaged Windscreen May Need a Replacement

Windscreen damage can happen at any time without any forewarning. From debris kicked up from the road while you are driving to falling twigs and branches while your vehicle is parked, this situation can happen to anybody and at any time. Typically, when you acquire windscreen damage, your first instinct may be to put off any repairs until you feel financially able to cover them. This, however, is not the right way to go about this.

For one, a chipped windscreen can inhibit your vision on the road; hence making you a risk to both yourself as well as other road users and pedestrians. Also, a chipped windscreen compromises the structural integrity of the auto glass, meaning it makes it easier for it to shatter if it is to face any additional trauma. Although minor chips and cracks to your windscreen can be repaired, there are some instances when you may need an entire replacement. Below is a highlight of some reasons why you may require windscreen replacement. 

Placement of the damage

If your windscreen either is chipped or cracked at its edges, chance are you will need to have it replaced rather than repaired. Cracks at the edges of the glass compromise the entire structural integrity of the windscreen. Since your windshield is now weakened, it is more likely to completely break if it is to acquire another chip and this is dangerous. As such, most auto repair professionals will recommend a windscreen replacement.

Size of the damage

As a rule of thumb, if the chip or crack in your windscreen can be covered in its entirety by using a regular-sized business card, then chances are repairs will suffice to get your windscreen to its former glory. However, if the crack is extensive or the chip has expanded, then you may have to get the entire auto glass replaced.

The extent of the damage

Auto glass is typically made from several layers, thus creating a laminate glass. If the chip or crack has only penetrated the first layer of the glass, then you can opt to simply fix the windscreen as most auto shops can handle that type of repair. On the other hand, if the crack or chip has penetrated the auto glass all the way into the interior, then your windscreen is beyond repair. Moreover, if you have developed a spider-web crack on your windscreen, you will have to get it replaced, as it will not be salvageable.

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