Top Tips When Conducting Smash Repairs

Most car owners will get heartbroken once their vehicles get smashed. However, professional repair shops can get your car into a near-new state. Read this guide to learn how you can conduct smash repairs.

Conduct an immediate visual inspection once the vehicle gets smashed. The objective of the assessment is to examine the roadworthiness of your car. Side impacts are not considered severe since you can drive the vehicle to a nearby repair shop. However, if the vehicle suffered frontal damage, check the cooling system for a damaged radiator or broken hoses. Besides, you should check whether the engine has any leaks. Do not attempt to drive the vehicle if you identify an oil or coolant leak. If you do, you risk ruining the engine. Most insurance companies will require you to report car body damage. You will receive compensation if your vehicle has a comprehensive insurance cover. 

Once your vehicle arrives at the repair shop, the mechanic will examine the extent of the body damage. Body panels with minor damages such as dents and scratches are easy to repair. The mechanic will use power tools such as impact wrenches, hammers and dent pullers to remove dents. The professional will then apply body filler and sand the area to achieve a smooth surface. He or she will apply primer, an undercoat, a final coat and a clear coat on the body panel. The process takes a few hours if the panels are not severely damaged. If the mechanic has to repair many panels, he or she could advise you to repaint the whole vehicle. It ensures the car does not have varying shades of paint. The mechanic could also advise you to purchase new body panels if he or she thinks that your current panels cannot be restored to their original condition. You might have to buy new parts such as a nose-cut or half-cut if the accident caused severe damage.

Car body smashes may damage the interior of your vehicle. For instance, the airbags will rip parts of your dashboard and door panels. Besides, the impact could damage electrical components such as the radio, instrument cluster or air conditioning system. 

After the repairs, ask your mechanic to clean the vehicle's upholstery. It helps get rid of dirt and paint fumes from the body workshop. Your mechanic should use genuine parts when conducting smash repairs. Save some cash by buying used body panels from your local car removals. However, remember to check the parts for rust damage. 

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