3 Signs that You Should Repair Your Windscreen After an Auto Accident

A car accident can cause moderate to severe damage to your vehicle, depending on the amount of impact. If the car does not show noticeable damages, you will likely ignore a professional check-up. 

However, some issues such as windscreen damage might show up later and force you to replace the windshield altogether. Read on to learn some of the signs indicating that your windscreen is damaged and needs a repair: 

1. The Glass is Cracked or Shattered

Cracks and shattering of the glass are the first indicators that your auto glass needs repair. A minor accident will leave small cracks. Thin cracks are easy to repair using the ideal adhesive.

The auto mechanic will use specialised tools to bring together the separated bits of the glass to protect it from further damage. However, note that you can only repair the glass when the cracks are thin. Wider cracks might demand windscreen replacement and not a mere repair.

2. You See a Haze Around the Edges

Another way to tell that your windshield needs repair is the presence of a haze around the edges. The glass used to make windshields get coated with a special plastic during the manufacturing process. The plastic pulls away when your car hits another vehicle or a stationary object.

Therefore, a white haze on the edges of the windscreen means that the glass is shattered, and you need to repair it. Failure to perform the appropriate repairs can lead to larger cracks and even complete shattering of the glass.

3. The Windshield Rattles

Another tell-tale sign that your windshield has sustained damages after an auto accident is when it starts rattling when you are driving the vehicle. Rattling indicates that the glue used to stick the glass to the vehicle's body has become loose. 

This scenario is common when the car hits an object, and the impact is high. In this case, your mechanic can help you reattach and strengthen the bond between the glass and the body, which is an excellent way to minimise the chances of further damage and a costly replacement.

These are common indicators of windshield damage you should look out for after getting involved in an accident. The best way to handle the situation is by visiting a local windscreen repair service. Your mechanic will assess the degree of the damage on the glass and develop excellent ways to repair it.

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